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Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES)

 Last Forest pioneers sustainable living choices by connecting communities and markets, and providing aesthetic and socially responsible solutions to consumers. As a  sustainable marketplace it provides eco-friendly, thoughtful and meaningful options — directly harvested and created by indigenous communities.


Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES)


Can Carbon Offsets Tackle Climate Change?

Livabl offers services such as carbon footprint management, sustainability reporting and impact assessment for companies. Livabl believes in creating impact and supports local NGOs for ecosystem restoration projects. We work with our clients to enable them to adopt concepts of circularity within their processes and contribute to a better tomorrow. 

Carbon Offsets


Sustainable Investing Made Easy!

ET Now’s Leader of Tomorrow, Chaitsi Ahuja, is on a mission to make sustainability mainstream. Over the last four years, she has tirelessly worked towards making conscious consumption accessible to the average Indian. Her impact includes tons of carbon saved, thousands of trees planted, and hundreds of ecopreneurs empowered.

Sustainable Investing


No Music On a Dead Planet

Lewis Jamieson is a founding member of Music Declares Emergency. Under the banner of NO MUSIC ON A DEAD PLANET, he has worked with global artists like Billie Eilish, Mel C, Julian Llyod Weber, The 1975 and Radiohead to  raise awareness on climate emergency. Read his guest piece on how Music helps the global climate action movement!



One Stop Solution For Elder Care

60Plus India is a one-stop, age-tech aggregator platform providing elderly care. Spread over four categories — personal care, emotional care, medical care, and products/medical equipment for sale or rent — it aims to be the first aggregator in this highly unorganised sector with a hassle-free AI-driven app, web interface and telesupport. 

Elderly Care


Ecotourism in the Rural Himalayas

Planet Trotter brings responsible travel solutions while setting up projects to execute remote rural development and local bio-conservation in the Indian Himalayan villages.

Rural Development & Tourism


Styling & Conscious Consumerism

Conscious consumerism in Fashion has been spoken about for a long time. But is there another way of going green and yet, being fashionable? The answer – Styling.
Ruchika from KiRu talks about the dangerous impact of fast fashion and how small, easy steps can make a big difference.

Sustainable Fashion


Environmental Fiction for Children

‘If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it’ – Toni Morrison.
Authors like Priyadarshini Panchapakesan are already using fiction to teach young readers about social and environmental responsibility, even though sustainability education has not been integrated into our nation’s school curriculum.



Insights on Air Pollution in North India

The classic air pollution case in north India (allegedly caused by farm fires/stubble burning) is signalling a dystopian future for us unless we stop playing the blame game every year and actively take part in climate action.
Talk is cheap, and it is easy to point fingers at a group, especially a marginalised one shouldering intersectional burdens. So what can different stakeholders holding various forms of power/responsibility do to stop this crisis? Senergy Pallet brought us field insights quoting Marshall McLuhan’s words, ‘There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew’.



De-nailing the Pallet Innovation

Did you know that something as simple and hideous as the ‘Logistics Pallet’, which is a key component in material handling, leads to the cutting of millions of trees every year?

Amidst the IT boom, it’s high time to promote the newly launched eco-friendly ‘Compressed Wood Pallet’. According to Abhijeet Parmar, they not only offer greater load carrying capacity at competitive pricing but also help us keep a check on our carbon footprint

Shipping & Logistics


Pedestrian Infrastructure in Urban India

In India, an experience as simple as pedestrian walking has the potential to be fatal. Luckily, there’s one city that makes it safe and enjoyable. Want to know which one?

Read this article by Ria Kapoor to find out. It brings to light the issues with Pedestrian Infrastructure in India and how NMT (Non-Motorised Transportation) can make it better.

Urban Pedestrian Infrastructure


Net-zero Buildings

The race to net zero by 2030 considers Climate Adaptation as one of the core strategies to consider. Specifically, the built environment affects every element of our life, including the homes we reside in, the water and energy distribution systems, highways, bridges, and other modes of transportation we use to get around. Thus, making conscious changes to our built environment will help us with drastic climate mitigation. So, Net Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) will be the future of construction. Read more about NZEBs written by Dr Sudarsan JS and Priyanka Kale.

Net Zero Buildings


Constructed Wetlands

From times immemorial, we’ve used natural resources unfairly. Specifically Water, one of the key resources, is freely wasted. But nature-based, low-cost technologies do exist to solve this problem.

They’re called Constructed Wetlands.
Read more about them in the case study presented by Dr. Sudarsan J S

Constructed Wetlands