Brown Living

Brown Living is India’s First Plastic-Free marketplace for a wide range of everyday-use products, specially curated for a sustainable, vegan, chemical-free and zero-waste lifestyle. Each product is made locally in India and handpicked after evaluating its environmental impact. All orders are packaged & shipped plastic-free. We plant trees from our profits to ensure your orders are carbon-neutral as well!

Brown Living is a platform for artists, craftsmen, artisans and small businesses who make sustainable products of various types. We are a team of earth advocates, aiming to promote a sustainable way of living. As an organisation, we curate products that are sustainable, natural, up-cycled, handmade, recycled, thrifted, earth-friendly and are an alternative to plastic products used in the home.

Through our website, we want to make sustainable products easily accessible to the consumer of today. You can read more about our brand’s philosophy & curation process in this document & here.

What We Do

We encourage artists, brands, craftsmen and makers who run their businesses with respect for people and the planet and those who believe in giving products a new life. We give our partner brands a platform to sell products through the website, events, popups and exhibitions and enable them to reach a larger targeted audience. We also help our partner brands with branding, packaging and finding waste-free and sustainable alternatives to shipping their products to the end-consumer. 

The Brown Lens
The Inner Circle is the platform for Brown Living to engage with its vendors, sellers and partner brands on various stages of the process of creating a product. We facilitate our Inner circle by giving them various avenues of growth, from assistance in packaging, to revenue channels offline as well as online, collaborations, workshops, popups etc. With an environment-first approach, we take a genuine interest in understanding methods for creating products and services that can co-exist with our ever-evolving world, with doing least damage to the earth.

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