Stepping towards Economic Sustainability

The article discusses the relevance of economics to sustainable development. Economic Sustainability focuses on economic growth and development while minimising the negative impact on social, cultural and environmental impact on a community.

A Case Study In Sustainability

The Management Interaction Cell of Jesus and Mary College worked with ecoHQ for 3 months to have an in-depth understanding of the problems faced by us and other MSMEs in the Indian Sustainability sector. After working with us, the team at MIC put together different solutions in the areas of business development, finance, marketing, product distribution, content and overall company strategy. These solutions can be adapted by various start-ups and MSMEs in the sustainability sector. Please read the case study and feel free to use the suggestions and tips provided by team MIC.

When Did I Get Serious About Sustainability?

How feasible is it to practice sustainability for people belonging to different socioeconomic strata?
It took me roughly twelve years to commit to climate action. A great many activists inspired me during my transition to sustainable living. I was raised in a middle class family so from childhood I had been taught to live minimally and be aware of other people’s inadequacies and adversities.
Even after a decade of social and environmental advocacy, I still feel guilt-ridden and anxious about not doing much. However, I am beginning to understand that if I introspect and make conscious decisions about what I consume, I could contribute more positively to the planet.