Embracing Menstrual Cups in India: Advantages and Considerations

Sanitary cups are revolutionizing menstrual hygiene in India. These medical-grade reusable cups are comfortable, affordable, and eco-friendly. Sanitary cups can reduce waste and improve the menstrual experiences of Indian women during their periods. Explore the pros and cons of this unique menstruation hygiene product which empowers Indian women and greens menstruation movements across the nation.

From Pads to Cups: The Sustainable Future of Menstruation

Join the movement towards a sustainable future of menstruation! Let’s break the taboo and embrace eco-friendly menstrual products for a healthier planet and healthier periods.

India’s Chaotic Electronic Waste System

India, which has 1.25 billion people, makes the third most e-waste in the world. Since there isn’t enough information to know how much electronic waste is made, the government has only made lukewarm rules over the years. As of April 2023, the organized sector wasn’t particularly good, and the government has again proposed changes to the law without considering the informal sector, which is the leading player. How will these new laws change how things work now, and what does the future hold?

Fiery Fields and the Smothering Smog: Are Farmers to Blame?

The classic air pollution case in north India (allegedly caused by farm fires/stubble burning) is signalling a dystopian future for us unless we stop playing the blame game every year and actively take part in climate action.
Talk is cheap, and it is easy to point fingers at a group, especially a marginalised one shouldering intersectional burdens. So what can different stakeholders holding various forms of power/responsibility do to stop this crisis?
In Marshall McLuhan’s words, one can find the answer to this: ‘There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew’.

How Sustainable is Ecotourism in the Indian Himalayas?

If you love mountains, then NOW is the time to take action and save them. The once pristine and delicately balanced – Himalayan Mountain regions face a disturbed ecosystem caused by human-caused hazards.

Get to know how the Himalayan regions are being exploited and what we can do to address these emerging challenges and improve conditions for local communities.

Understanding Nature-based & Low-cost Wastewater Treatment Technology

From times immemorial, we’ve used natural resources unfairly. Specifically Water, one of the key resources, is freely wasted. But nature-based, low-cost technologies do exist to solve this problem.

They’re called Constructed Wetlands.
Read more about them in the case study presented by Dr. Sudarsan J S

De-nailing the Pallet Innovation

Did you know that something as simple and hideous as the ‘Logistics Pallet’, which is a key component in material handling, leads to the cutting of millions of trees every year? Amidst the IT boom, it’s high time to promote the newly launched eco-friendly ‘Compressed Wood Pallet’. They not only offer greater load carrying capacity at competitive pricing but also help us keep a check on our carbon footprint.